Life is life, move on to your next chapter, step by step!

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Even under the influence of difficult conditions, we all may find joy in everyday little things. Personally, I have never failed to believe that the smallest things can have the biggest impact on our life.

A sweet word, a warm smile, a tender look, a graceful silence, a cup of tea just as you like it, a hi-miss-you quick call, a surprise silly-but-funny gift and so many more that can turn the table in a sec and may help to escape worries or problems at that point in…


The first heatwave of the summer is hitting Greece and we are moving to the heart of the Cyclades. Where? In Mykonos island, next to the sea.

Photo Credits: Areti Vassou

A good friend has a wonderful summer house in Mykonos, so we are enjoying his hospitality.

Wish you were here too? Point taken!

Book your ticket and join us today! What are you waiting for?

Arion Home is a traditional island summer house in Mykonos.

It is a super comfortable apartment with the charming vibes of an old traditional house in Mykonos. Also, it has a breathtaking view as you can see.


Instagram is thirsty for inspiration sources!

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Yesterday we received an interesting question about our Instagram feed. A newbie Instagrammer wanted to know which of our IG posts had the best reach. Truth be told we had many balls in the air during the last two months and we didn’t publish anything about our brand’s Instagram feed.

To our surprise, some of our best promising posts didn’t perform as well as we expected them. Take into consideration that we rarely spend any money on advertising on Instagram. Usually, we choose 1 or 2 posts every month to promote with less than…

It’s not what you think. Really, it’s not!

Everybody is trying to sell a super-amazing secret for nailing great copywriting jobs. Hello! Wake up now! If you don’t work hard don’t wait for any big clients anytime soon.

Copywriting Jobs & Networking

The power of giving back to the community!

We give 10% of our working hours in pro bono services. We offer our 10% copywriting services for free, for companies or entrepreneurs that are in danger to close their business. In plain numbers, our SEO Copywriting Agency has the capacity to handle 25 projects per week. …

It’s the little things that matter the most in life.

We have to admit that these last months were really challenging for every person on this planet. Still, there is so much beauty around us. May blooming flowers makes it easy to remember the best reasons for being grateful in life. Here are my 10 top reasons for smiling. Would love to read yours in the comments section.

10 Reasons for Being Grateful
Photo by Areti Vassou

My 10 Reasons For Being Grateful

  1. My health. The more you appreciate the value and importance of your well-being, the more you’ll prioritize it.
  2. My other half. It could be your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or just an…


Getting ready for Summer vacations in Greece!

We can’t wait to visit Greek Cycladic Islands after so many months on hold. We are grateful for living in beautiful and warm Greece. April had been quite a month, full of adventures, new projects, and two new offices in Europe and one in Dubai. We can’t wait to see what May will bring to our door!

Photo by Patroklos Stellakis

IDEADECO Agency News

We have expanded our network of associates in Cyprus, London, and Dubai. Today, we are delighted to share the news: 24 cities all over the world have an IDEADECO SEO Copywriting & Marketing Expert to assist…

This is how you can use Instagram to empower brand awareness and get the best organic traffic.

Instagram can empower your Brand Awareness activities in several ways. After all, it’s the King of Content Marketing Strategy and Community Building. As you plan your Instagram marketing strategy, make room for this giant. People will find you and your brand in their search for great content on Instagram.

Having said that, take into consideration the importance of knowing the right facts about this everlasting popular social network. Owning the right information could help you to make the right decisions for your online…

It takes a lot of talent and endless patience to become a creative copywriter.

A copywriter is a person who is paid to create “copy” — content made from words (or other forms of copy) designed to drive action. A junior copywriter works directly below the senior copywriter, usually in the marketing and advertising industry. Nowadays copywriters are found in other industries related to copy-relevant communication. In general content creators start from the use of words.

Photo by Areti Vassou

Junior Copywriter Responsibilities

The role of a junior copywriter can vary from agency to agency, from project to project, and from goal to goal but in all…

Art and Culture have the power to change the world

Elculture Brings Culture Into Our Lives
Photo by Areti Vassou

We need more sources full of culture and art just like Elculture. Life feels brighter when art becomes a significant part of it because inspiration makes the world go round. Elculture is the most popular online platform of modern culture in Greece and Europe.

Elculture online platform provides daily information about culture, art events, books, music, theater, cinema, and important art news. Elculture platform was created in March 2007 and the team consists of experienced cultural editors and journalists, as well as external collaborators from all over Greece and abroad.


We are welcoming March and Spring from Athens, Greece

Stop treating Digital Nomads like tourists. They are a community of intelligent and tech-savvy professionals that prefer to move from country to country.

With the help of technology, such as project management projects have become a new trend of professional careers. The need for experts in specific digital fields keeps growing every year. In other words, we have officially entered the era of a new bread of workforce, The Digital Nomads Tribe.

Photo by Areti Vassou

Digital Nomads are not tourists and officials in several countries should stop treating them like tourism projects. They are…

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